Single Vineyard, Eden Valley Wines of elegance and finesse


First, select the very best parcels of fruit from the hand tended vineyard. Then give a free reign to a winemaking team that benefits from the wisdom and experience that comes with a lifetime spent living and working in the Eden Valley.

Finally, ensure the packaging befits the product – a striking collection of labels and taint free closures that confirm the super premium quality within each bottle and carton.

We are proud to offer our handcrafted Eden Hall wines displaying the best possible characteristics of the Eden Valley with intensity of flavour, finesse and elegance.

Vintage Reports

2023 to 2013

We entered the 2023 growing season with above-average soil moisture and got off to a good start.

This was followed by a cool, wet spring that fortunately had a positive effect on vine growth resulting in the development of long loose bunches with good air flow that minimised disease pressure.

Thankfully, a mild summer provided a long, cool ripening period, and despite our concerns, a relatively late vintage progressed at a relaxed pace, with reasonably good yields, and importantly, excellent quality.

2012 to 2004

The 2012 growing season followed a very wet period that included the previous summer and autumn of 2011. The winter was colder with below average rainfall followed by a mild to warm spring that was also fairly dry. Flowering was patchy such that the red grapes set a very low crop. Summer was also unusually mild with below average temperatures and no extreme weather events.

Harvest began earlier in 2012 with Riesling producing balanced moderate crops and healthy canopies producing outstanding fruit. No Riesling was lost to disease in the 2012 vintage which was an excellent result following the difficult 2011 season. Indeed the Riesling has just gone into bottle (23 May 2012) and looks likely to raise the bar on the lofty standards that Eden Hall Riesling has already set in the past.

There was a considerable gap before the red harvest began even though the yield was less than a third of last year’s. Fortunately the payback for the exceedingly low cropping level was made in the form of exceptional quality. The standouts were the Block 1 Cabernet Sauvignon, Block 4 Shiraz and Block 13 Cabernet Franc.

All in all an outstanding vintage that will rival 2002 for greatness.