Reaping the rewards for being off the grid

Eden Valley vineyard has gone off the grid to operate, with their sustainability an inspiration to business and individuals.

Eden Hall’s general manager, Graeme Thredgold said the vineyard owners, David and Mardi Hall have always had a strong vision to work in harmony with the environment through a series of different practices and programmes.

It was 18 months ago that planning started to establish an off grid powered vineyard site, building on their current environmental footprint.

The construction of a large implement shed and office on site is now fully self-sufficient. This means there is now no imported power or water supplied to the property.

By installing more than 60 solar panels and an extensive investment in a battery backup generation system, the business is now operating completely off grid.

In addition to the power investment, the installation of four 50,000 litre water tanks, which collects runoff from their large shed, now gives them access to additional valuable rainwater for vineyard and domestic uses.

Vineyard manager, Dan Falkenberg recognises the investment made but also sees the benefits to the environment.

Article by Journalist Emma Clark for The Leader newspaper Sept 2019