2016 Eden Hall Riesling

Hot 100 Wines – Eden Hall Riesling selected for second year in a row with the 2016 Riesling following on from the 2015 Riesling top 4 place.

Hot 100 Wines “The Adelaide Review”

Our goal is simple. To find and celebrate the most drinkable wines in South Australia.

Hot 100 Wines South Australia is like no other wine show on earth – it panders to no traditional paradigm for the appreciation of wine, eschewing them all for what should rightly be the only indicator of quality in anything comestible: deliciousness.

Our aim is to discover the wine that brings the most joy, that which is the most degustatory.

Eden Hall Riesling selected for the second year in a row with the 2015 vintage (top 4 place) and 2016 Riesling.

Eden Hall Reserve Riesling